Frederik de Vos

,,Painting is creating expression. Creating expression with simple means. Through paint, brush and canvas toward form and color. See the world of mankind. The world of giant constructions, of illusions and absurdities, of realities, of life. Life is not what I represent. Yet I do not lie. I demonstrate and show.

After a carreer of almost forty years in industry I started reading art history at Amsterdam University in 1988. By then I also began taking painting seriously. I studied at Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and at Free Academy in Haarlem.
I painted more pictures than are being shown here*. Only digitally photographed paintings have been reproduced. I will try to retrieve older paintings and also add future paintings that are awaiting to be made."

*All works of art shown on this website were painted with acrylic on canvas, unless indicated otherwise.

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Zandhoek 11
1013 KT Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Tel. +31(20) 6244745 / +31(6) 51747663


foto: Bert Naessens